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About Sarah

Origin Story

I started reading tarot cards in middle school. I dressed in my witchiest skirt, wrapped the major arcana in a moody scarf, and read out on the playground at recess. In the decade or so since then, my personal practice waxed and waned. But starting in 2017, global turmoil and sapling adulthood brought with them a new dedication to, trust of, and love for the cards. This took many forms: regular readings for myself, daily Instagram challenges, reading for strangers in bars, and of course an in-depth study of the practice and ever-developing understanding of the craft.

Why Tarot?

I see tarot as one of many "ways in,” a structured path to self-inquiry. A reading provides the opportunity to gain deeper insight into your present moment and circumstances. I work with Pamela Coleman Smith-based decks and tend towards the language of cyclical motion and the elements, with splashes of astrology thrown in here and there. I also place great importance on using language that resonates with my clients' relationship to the Unknown.

Don't you teach, too?

Sure do. I realized that so much of my readings included not just interpretation of a spread but explanation of each card. I started to offer tarot education from under my coaching umbrella, and finally it grew into its own branch. I started offering classes in 2020, beginning with a small group and a vague concept. It went really well, so I kept on going, and have now taught every single card, with big plans for what's next in 2022. I also offer 1:1 individual tarot study for folks who aren't drawn to a group setting, or have a specific and personal curiosity they'd like to study.

Is that it?

Ha, ha, ha. No. Here's some more stuff:

  • I run a podcast that gives listeners a splash of lunar magic, as well as a taste of what I'm like as a reader.

  • I host new- and full-moon Moon Zooms which offer a self-guided space for collective intentionality.

  • I have a wonderful day job as a transcriber.

  • I run a theatre company with my husband, and I also act and teach acting.

  • I am in ongoing self-directed study of movement, somatic, functional, and expressive, in development of both my theater and my tarot practice and teaching.

Dig it?