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Tarot Education

Discover a community of curious tarot students just like you.

Connect through classes, workshops, and access to the Ecstatic Rabbit Forum. Hone your intuition and expand your practice.

With an archetypal, narrative, and personal approach, this is a space for you to learn tarot traditions and discover your own innovations. Classes include practical applications, card interpretations drawn from a variety of scholarship, a well as historical and social context dating all the way back to the deck's origins in the 15th century, when it was considered nothing more than a card game. 


I currently offer classes on....

"Sarah brings thoughtfulness and a discussion element into the study of tarot that makes the experience special and interactive. Her courses were a memorable journey I very much enjoyed."


A Journey Through the Majors

Major Arcana

September 2022

Everyday Magic

The Wheel of the Minors

Minor Arcana

Early 2023

Finding the Fool

A Beginner's Seminar

Tarot 101
available now

Dancing with the Courts

A Weekend Workshop

Court Cards

Ecstatic Rabbit

Reader's Workshop

Reading and interpreting spreads
Offered Monthly

  • Our kick-off to your exploration of 1:1 tarot lessons.

    40 US dollars
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