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Heartfelt tarot readings, personal coaching, and tarot education in pursuit of clarity, insight, and well-being.

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If you are interested in balancing practicality with spirituality, gravity with playfulness, and tender care with a splash of tough love, you will not only enjoy an Ecstatic Rabbit session, but gain insights that propel you through your next day, week, or even year.

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I'm not just here to know these cards back and forth.

I'm here for you: to help you understand your present circumstances and your possible steps forward, exploring the role tarot and and its lessons can play in your life. We have a variety of opportunities to work together, including readings, classes, one-on-one coaching, tarot lessons, the podcast, etc.


All these services move towards the same pursuit: 

finding insight and clarity to carry you through the cycles of

daily life with greater ease and opportunities for growth.



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Northampton, MA

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