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Dancingwith the Courts

Some of the most anachronistic cards in the deck, the Court or Face Cards remain a mystery to many readers -- perhaps because they are also some of the most personal.

Not unlike an actual court, these cards operate as a tapestry, finely woven and super strong, bringing together multiple elements, gender roles, and the journey from naiveté to.... well, naïveté again.

Together we will dive deep into these 16 cards to understand the evolution they illustrate, as well as their context amongst the many other cycles operating throughout the deck. In other words, by studying the journey of Page to King and back to Page again, we can foster our relationship with the cycles of Ace through X as well as Fool to World.

The Details:

June 12-13

Saturday and Sunday, 3-5 eastern


Sliding scale available - please inquire.

Each day will include a simple movement meditation, an opportunity to share your own insights, an Ecstatic Rabbit Info Dump™, and group discussions, as well as Q+A with me.

Built for any level of tarot study, if you are concerned about your proficiency, get in touch and we can discuss your personal situation.

Sliding scale available. Please inquire.