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Tarot Readings


5 Cards:
"Find Focus"

This spread explores the current moment and its influences, as well as medicine and intention that may help you along to whatever's next. It offers a close look at the present in order to release our grip on the future. Allow up to 60 minutes.

tarot class structure of the deck tarot education minor arcana major arcana court

10 Cards:
"The Big Picture"

Based off of a classic tarot spread, this reading digs deep into your present circumstances, your place in  chronology, and your emotional journey. It helps weave together seemingly distant corners of our lives. Allow up to 90 minutes.


Location Options

Readings can take place virtually or in person. Virtual readings are far more frequent and no less magical, with in-person readings located in downtown Northampton. Please note that access prices are only available for virtual readings.

Reading Request

Location Preference
Reading Preference

Please note that Access prices are very rarely available in person!

Thanks for requesting a reading!
You'll hear back soon with upcoming availability.

Custom Readings

looking for MORE?

An opportunity for larger spreads, such as Wheel of the Year, or highly specific query.


Includes consultation, planning, and live reading.

Contact to inquire.

looking for LESS?

A very limited number of 3- and 4-card readings are available upon request.


Virtual only.


Contact to inquire.

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