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T a r o t   R e a d i n g s


Accessibility is incredibly important to me in this practice.

If these prices are not accessible for you, I offer a sliding scale.

A classic celtic cross, this spread digs deep into your present circumstances, your place in  chronology, and your emotional journey. It helps weave together seemingly distant corners of our lives.

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Big Picture

a 10 card reading

exchange: $120

This spread explores the current moment and its influences, as well as medicine and intention that may help you along to whatever's next. It offers a close look at the present in order to release our grip on the future.  

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Find Focus

a 5 card reading

exchange: $65

Offering insight into upcoming new, full, and both quarter moons, this is a helping hand through an upcoming lunar cycle. Scheduled in accordance with the next new moon.

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The Moons Ahead:

a 4 card reading

exchange: $45

An opportunity for larger spreads, including Wheel of the Year and other astrological themes, or pertaining to a highly specific query.


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Price estimate will include consultation, planning, and the reading itself.

exchange: $150-250

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