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Will Return 2023

A Journey Through the Majors 


The Lovers. The Moon. The Devil. Death.

The major arcana include some of the most alluring, ubiquitous images and archetypes of the witchy world.​ And they can be a lot. Like, a lot, a lot.

Arc seeks a path through this fifth suit in order to better understand how to harness its power, ride its tempests, and dance with its players.

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With a focus on symbolism and archetype, this nine-week course combines collective research, group discussion, and lectures on each card. By dividing them into thematic segments of 2-3 cards per week, Arc provides a bird's eye perspective on how these cards operate in relationship with each other, as well as strengthening your interpretation of each one individually.

Tuition includes membership to the Ecstatic Rabbit Forum, an online chat board for past and present students.

  • I'm a total tarot newbie. Will I be in over my head?
    Maybe a little bit, but not for long and not all the time. If you're worried about this, let's hop on the phone and talk through some of your more individual concerns and see if it's a good fit. Email me at to set that up!
  • Talk to me about sliding scale.
    Like all Ecstatic Rabbit offerings, sliding scale is available in two tiers for Arc. Codes are provided in the booking details, and you can opt for 30% or 15% off. If you need help determining where you may fall on this sliding scale, read more about it here. If you need further financial support, email to discuss payment plans and other forms of assistance.
  • What deck should I use?
    I request that all students work with a Rider-Waite-Smith deck. It provides unifying content for our discussions, especially since the bulk of this course is an exploration of symbolism. If you are unable to purchase one, or a guide book that includes detailed illustrations, you will need to examine the images online ahead of class in order to participate fully.
  • Is there homework?
    Yes, but it can be tailored to fit your availability. Each week, you will be asked to spend some time with the upcoming cards and assigned a topic to research and report on to the group. This could be as simple as a five minute Google, or as complex as an obscure deep dive. Either option will be useful.
  • Do you offer a refund?
    Nope. But if you are unable to participate, a majority of your payment may be reallocated towards other services at my discretion based on the circumstances.

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