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Arc: A Journey Through the Majors 

Returning 2022

The Lovers. The Moon. The Devil. Death.

The major arcana include some of the most alluring, ubiquitous images and archetypes of the witchy world.​ And they can be a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

Arc seeks a path through this fifth suit in order to better understand how to harness its power, ride its tempests, and dance with its players.

Three sessions, six weeks each.

Take one, take two, take them all!

Discounts for multiple sessions.

Sliding scale available at specified increments. Please inquire.


Meets 1 hr/week, with an optional 30min "Afterparty" for Q&A

All tuition includes admission to the exclusive Ecstatic Rabbit Forum, an online community for class discussion and ongoing engagement.

Built for beginners and seasoned readers alike. 

More questions? Check out the FAQ.​

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