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Some Commotion for Cancer Season

Cancer season is kicking my butt. My sweet friend Andi over at Every Light Wellness describes the experience of Cancer on a Scorpio as a bruise, and that feels all too true. The constant presence of ache, the harrowing visuals of healing, the tenderness to the lightest touch. An unreachable wound, protected by our own skin. I've spent so much of the past six months "doing great," and in all truth, I have been. I'm happier than I've been, perhaps ever in my life. Actualized, expansive, and living in a full permission I am now learning I can grant myself.

But grief lives on, and sadness lives on, and bitterness lives on. Perhaps this year's bruise of Cancer season is exactly that: the sad, bitter bruise healing and morphing, changing from red and purple to yellow and green just beneath my "doing great" skin. As we move into the second half of this season, I soften to my grief. I allow it a seat at the table, welcome it to break bread with my joy and my pleasure. Sometimes the uglier a bruise gets, the closer it is to being healed.

from Capricorn Full Moon Bulletin


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