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Tarot Education

Ecstatic Rabbit Education fosters a community of curious tarot students just like you. Hone your intuition, expand your practice, and connect through classes, workshops, and access to the Ecstatic Rabbit Forum.


With an archetypal, narrative, and personal approach, this is a space for you to learn tarot traditions and discover your own innovations. Classes include practical applications, card interpretations drawn from a variety of scholarship, a well as historical and social context dating all the way back to the deck's origins in the 15th century.

"Sarah brings thoughtfulness and a discussion element into the study of tarot that makes the experience special and interactive. Her courses were a memorable journey I very much enjoyed."

Currently Open for Enrollment:


Tarot 101:
Finding the Fool

Self-Paced Online Course

Purchase includes one year of access to a series of mini-lecture videos; access to the forum; and a resource PDF, plus an option to add a one-on-one session.


Tarot Study

No two readers have the same relationship  with these cards. This integrated  approach is how we build yours.

One-on-one study is a chance to receive personalized guidance as you build your tarot practice.

Other Classes

While these are not currently scheduled, their material can be incorporated into a personalized curriculum through one-on-one tarot study.

Everyday Magic:

The Wheel of the Minors

They may not be as glamorous as The Empress or The Sun, but the magic of the Minor Arcana speaks to our daily life in a way that those sparkly archetypes cannot.


A 5-week course tracking the 40 cards of the Minor Arcana by their numerology, Everyday Magic provides a new, illuminating layer to your relationship with the Minors. This class will fortify your knowledge of these cards, build your familiarity and ease interpreting them, and provide a way to troubleshoot when a card just won't click.


Most scholarship discusses the Minor Arcana through their suits. While that's a key element, and one we will discuss quite a bit, it was never quite enough to help me wrap my head around their larger matrix. Instead, Everyday Magic approaches them numerologically. Each week, we study a group of numbers at a time, across all four suits. This builds a map of the minors that will serve you, whether you're a beginner seeking an unconventional starting place or a more experienced reader looking to bring fresh nuance to your practice.

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