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Solstice, Gemini to Cancer, and Transitions

Let's talk about the Solstice, and the transition from Gemini into Cancer.

First off, this Summer Solstice for us northerners is a moment of great exposure. Much like the Sun card archetype, the light shines on and on and on, simultaneously lighting our way, warming (sometimes burning) our skin, but also revealing what we can no longer hide. Sometimes that's a desire, sometimes it's a secret, sometimes it's the simple truth that time winds on.

On the same day, outgoing, inquisitive, reliably unpredictable Gemini gives way to the compassionate, tender-hearted, and radically self-protective Cancer.

The image that comes to me is that the blaze of sunlight hours has grown too hot, even for Gemini, and in an Icarus moment, we retreat to a nurturing little cave of our shell to heal and integrate as we prepare yet again for the light to fade.

Sometimes, the simplest thing astrology can give us is a welcome change of pace every few weeks, permission to change our methods and our tactics, to switch out one tool for another.

I hope the transition treats you gently and that you spend these long daylight hours (or short, though my analytics tell me we're mostly sharing a hemisphere) in peaceful revelation.


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