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Festive Season

Festive season hits different this year. Since all my planets but one are in Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn, this quadrant of the calendar has always felt like home to me. But this year the big word that sings out is "FESTIVE." Everything sparkles, everything is worth celebrating, everything is full of wonder. I'm almost annoying myself at being such a big cheeseball over that first tickle of snow, the puff of a new winter coat, the glow of "sparky lights" as I called them when I was little, the clean paper smell of a new calendar or planner come January 1.

And I have felt lazy. I've questioned my relationship to productivity. I hear the ticking clock of another year gone, not only as my birthday snuck up last week, but as the Gregorian calendar continues on its deliberate, unyielding way. It was my first time in two years dealing with the Fall Back of daylight savings, and no extra hour of sleep can counterbalance the strange circadian chaos of getting hungry for dinner at 5pm. Many voices are speaking up for our human right to some version of hibernation, though, and I take comfort in that. When the snooze button calls, I answer it, in the name of rest, in the name of ease, in the name of softness, but also in the name of sustainability, so that when the light returns and the days are long again, I will have a full gas tank ready to carry me through.

from New Moon Newsletter No. 22


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