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Whether you're at the beginning of your tarot journey or looking to strengthen the foundation of your practice, Finding the Fool brings cultural context and practical application together into a tarot 101 course.

This course of mini-lectures has two sections: 


Learn the basics! Kick off your practice with 

  • selecting a deck

  • building a container for your practice

  • shuffling and pulling cards

  • starting to interpret


A step too often skipped, learn the history, mythology, and cultural significance of tarot, including

  • origins of the deck as playing cards

  • story of the now-ubiquitous Rider-Waite-Smith deck

  • erasure of Romani tradition by the modern tarot resurgence.​

The Details:

12-month Access to Videos

PDF of Resources

$95 (Access: $85)

​Add on a live follow-up call ($20) to explore any questions that came up and make a game plan for the next steps in your tarot journey.

Enroll in both Tarot 101 and 102 for a 10% discount.

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