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Welcome to the

Moon Zoom Team

On April 7, 2020, in light of the world events of that time, I decided to open sort of deconstructed moon circle.


The primary tenet of this experience is individual experience and inclusivity of all, any, or even no practice. My leadership is rooted in my own spirituality, but by no means a prescription for participants, and is accordingly brief.

A newer Moon Zoomer asked recently, "Why seven?" The answer: "Because the first one happened to be on April 7th and 7:00, so it seemed fitting, and it stuck."

We meet on or around

full moons, and the core

schedule runs as follows:

6:50     Room opens.

7:00     Seven minutes begin.

7:07     Wrap up or depart.

7:10     Say hello and/or share.

7:15     Collective card pull (optional).

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Thanks for helping keep this offering accessible!

From the original invitation:

"At 7pm we may begin 7 minutes of together-ness. We’ll all stay on mute so that your own time can be filled with any sort of sound you’d like. Some possibilities for how to use those 7 minutes:

  • Light a candle and be with the flame.

  • Sing a song (on mute).

  • Dance.

  • Pray.

  • Meditate.

  • Be in stillness.

  • Pull tarot cards.

  • Sip tea.

  • Apply lotion to your body.

  • Massage your feet.

  • Stare out the window. Stare at a wall. Stare at your pet or partner.

  • Water your plants. 

  • Color. Knit. Craft.

  • Many, many more.


We are gathering together many people of many practices.

What unifies us is simple: intentional collecting.

And a full moon."

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Hope to see you next time!

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