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Welcome to the

Moon Zoom Team

On April 7, 2020, in light of the world events of that time, I decided to open my loose interpretation of what's essentially a moon circle.


The primary tenet of this experience is inclusivity of all, any, even no practice. My leadership is rooted in my own spirituality, but by no means intended as a prescription for participants, and is accordingly brief. On occasions when I do lead something more structured, it is always supplementary.

A newer Moon Zoomer asked recently, "Why seven?" I was delighted to respond:


"Because the first one happened to be on April 7th and 7:00, so it seemed fitting, and it stuck."

From the original invitation:

"At 7pm we may begin 7 minutes of together-ness. We’ll all stay on mute so that your own time can be filled with any sort of sound you’d like. Some possibilities for how to use those 7 minutes:

  • Light a candle and be with the flame.

  • Sing a song (on mute).

  • Dance.

  • Pray.

  • Meditate.

  • Be in stillness.

  • Pull tarot cards.

  • Sip tea.

  • Apply lotion to your body.

  • Massage your feet.

  • Stare out the window. Stare at a wall. Stare at your pet or partner.

  • Water your plants. 

  • Color. Knit. Craft.

  • Many, many more.

We are gathering together many people of many practices.

What unifies us is simple: intentional collecting. And a full moon."

We meet around or on the new and full moons, and the core schedule runs as follows:

6:50     Gather on Zoom.

7:00     Seven minutes begin.

7:07     Wrap up or depart.

7:10     Time to share and say hello.

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Hope to see you next time!