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Summer Whirlwind

Wow wow wow. Summer whirlwind really popped off this year.

I set out in June to build an in-person community, to embrace location, to put down roots. It worked, and this year is the first in a good while that I'm spending summer and autumn under one roof.

I have been communicating a lot this summer about who I am and what I do. It feels like time to settle into a rhythm of just doing it.

I've noticed that as routine grows, so does my tendency to take things for granted. After nine months living in my apartment, I am not filled with wonder each time I open the door. I sigh at chores that used to tickle me. I even put a post-it on my door that says, "You are home," to remind me.

I need reminding.

But every so often comes, "Would you look at that."

An intake of breath, a sigh of relief: a glowing moment. Autumn sun through red and yellow leaves on my usual route. Coffee plinking into my mug. The sparrows chirping just outside my window and dashing away when I move too fast. Opening the door to a fully stocked spice cabinet. The fact that I'm about to get in my car and drive a mere ten minutes to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with my parents.

I'm running late for that, actually. So my wish for you all: may your coffee plink, your sunlight stream, your sparrows chirp and dash, your rhythms continue steadily with billowing space to notice the glowing moments.

from New Moon Newsletter No. 20


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