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“November is my favorite month because everything is dying"

A Month of Daily Tarot

New and ever so slightily improved for 2021!


This challenge is built specifically in response to the fears I’ve heard from so many of you: of moving inside, into the cold, into the darkness. The outdoors has meant safety for many of us in the last two years. As we again return indoors and watch the world unfold, how can we be gentle, have our own backs, and nurture ourselves during this seasonal transition?

“November is my favorite month because everything is dying.” - a thing I actually said (and meant)

This year, I'll be following YOUR experience, and occasionally sharing my own via stories, so make sure to tag @scorbynw and use #EcstaticRabbitTarotChallenge so we can get some communal momentum going!

From 2020:

I learned a major lesson about Death a few years ago. I had been enamored of the idea that the card and the concept resulted in rebirth. It meant transformation. Beginning. 


But I wasn’t making space for that first, painfully necessary step. I was all too eager to bypass that bit and skip ahead.


This daily draw is a tool to help us honor Ending.


The intention behind these prompts is twofold:

•2 weeks are built to bring light and warmth indoors with us, and into ourselves. 

•2 weeks are built to embrace and learn from the cold and the dark of winter.


Hopefully this daily draw will help us all make this transition while holding both sides of Death in balance.

November 2021 Tarot Challenge Prompts.png

Note: this is coming from a northern hemisphere perspective. Most of my followers share this geography with me, but I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that this time of year is not universally experienced. At least not at the same time.

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