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Heartfelt tarot offerings in pursuit of clarity, insight, and well-being.



If you are interested in balancing practicality with spirituality, gravity with playfulness, and tender care with a splash of tough love, you are in the right place.

At the core of any  Ecstatic Rabbit offering is self-inquiry. Whether a class, reading, or 1:1 session, you will depart with insight and maybe even some newfound clarity to carry you through the cycles of your life with greater ease and opportunities for growth.

I'm not just here to know these cards back and forth, but to help you understand your present circumstances and your possible steps forward, exploring the role tarot and and its lessons can play in your life. 

Finding a tarot reader is a little like dating or finding a therapist: you're not supposed to hit it off with everyone.

So could we be a match? If you...

  • ...are more interested in questions than in answers.
  • ...want to read tarot like you might read a poem or a play
  • ...respond to conversations more than sermons
  • knowledge that will help build your wisdom

...then scroll on to learn how we can work together.

Makes Ecstatic Rabbit Different?

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T a r o t   R e a d i n g s

Whether you're seeking a quick check in, or a more in-depth exploration of your place in space, time, and self, an Ecstatic Rabbit tarot reading gives you space to ask questions and receive greater clarity on your journey to self-actualization. 

Emerge with a stronger sense of direction, a wider perspective on your life path, and sometimes, if we're lucky, even a plan of action for your next steps.

"To be seen and given tools  to see within myself was something I haven’t experienced before and was perhaps the true gift of our time together."

"No two sessions are ever the same, and I always walk away feeling a little closer to my fully realized self."

"Her gentle guidance has enabled me to move forward in a healthier, more holistic fashion while navigating a pandemic and a career change."

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T a r o t   E d u c a t i o n

So you've picked up a deck, maybe two. You've gotten book recommendations from your local witchy shop or maybe TikTok.

Now what?

The Ecstatic Rabbit curriculum is based on over a decade of study and experience, offering you a clear path towards an intuitive and collaborative relationship with these 78 cards, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned reader looking to freshen things up.

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