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the Ecstatic Rabbit

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After a year-long debut in 2021 and a year-long hiatus in 2022,


Here's how we're starting out:

   • one episode every full + new moon

   • one card pull per episode

   • a little astro, a little lunar, LOTS of tarot


These episodes are not only a great way to not only get a little taste of tarot twice a month, but also paint a clear picture of how I work with these cards. If you're curious about working with me, listen in to see if it's a vibe.

Interviews may return in a few months, but for now those episodes are timeless and I highly recommend giving them a back-listen. In fact, all past episodes are titled to include the card(s) covered. Though recorded for a particular moon moment, there's lots of learning in each card interpretation if you want to listen back through the archives!


With full and new moon card pulls at its core, The Ecstatic Rabbit Podcast is a space for esoteric exploration, heartfelt insight, and expansive curiosity. Special episodes include interviews, meditations, and more

Catch the latest episode here, and click the icons above to stream on your favorite platform!

Episode Transcripts

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