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the Ecstatic Rabbit

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The Pod is currently on hiatus! 

We ran almost 11 months to the day, covering every single new moon of the year, and a good many full moons, interviews, and more. It'll probably be back in the new year, but I just don't know when.

But here's a fun thing: through one little ad per episode, I have earned $9.06 over the course of the year. Which is odd and cool. But we need to hit $10 in order for me to be able to deposit it into my bank account. As soon as we hit that $10, minimal though it may be, it goes straight towards mutual aid supporting the Romani community.


Help me get there; go listen to some episodes.


Not only are the interviews timeless, but each episode is titled to include the card(s) it covers. Though recorded for a particular moon moment, there's lots of learning in each card interpretation if you want to listen back through the archives!


With a new moon card pull at its core, The Ecstatic Rabbit Podcast is a space for esoteric exploration, heartfelt insight, and expansive curiosity. Special episodes include interviews, meditations, and more

Catch the latest episode here, and click the icons above to stream on your favorite platform!

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