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Find ease and insight as you

journey through the cycles of your life.


Ecstatic Rabbit Coaching offers an opportunity to find flow in embracing a non-linear perspective in the everyday and as you move through larger personal transformation and growth. It is a deeply client-driven offering built on an ongoing relationship between practitioner and client and crafted around your specific and ever-changing needs.

While each of my clients has a unique experience, all respond

to my guidance through the alchemy of pragmatism and intuition.

Let’s break down these two ingredients. Pragmatism is simple: as a millennial entrepreneur, I know how important it is for you to find applicable shifts to make as you pursue ease, pleasure, and sustainability. Intuition is more personal and more mysterious. It emerges from relationship and exploration. It carries us deep into the psyche and lifts you to new levels of self-understanding.


As your coach, I call on my knowledge of breath and movement, meditation, herbalism, body awareness, visualization, common sense and more, to support your journey and your inclination, whether leaning deep into the esoteric or steering into the everyday.


Above all, in this practice, I am by your side. Hand in hand, we ask questions; we make discoveries; we find clarity and discernment through self-inquiry, awareness, and understanding. 


The Exchange:

Sessions begin at $40 for a half hour. At the half hour mark, we shift to $1/minute.

While the mathematics of my sliding scale are not directly applicable to this service, I am available to re-examine this financial structure if you feel called to this work but do not have access at this price.


This offering is rooted in you: your lifestyle, your needs, your circumstances. As we develop a working relationship, part of the process will be ongoing communication of your needs and joint experimentation with a structure that works for you.

If you’re interested, we’ll kick things off with a brief discussion of what drew you to the practice and how you envision the journey. From there, we brainstorm a structure that will work for you, taking into account your own personal practice, your hopes for outside guidance, your time and financial boundaries, and any other relevant ingredients.


More questions? I bet.