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Full Moon in Aquarius Transcript

When energy runs hot, integrate a pause. No need to swing all the way in the other direction, just take time for a breather.

Podcast Transcript:

Hello and welcome to the Ecstatic Rabbit podcast, a space for esoteric exploration, heartfelt insight and expansive curiosity. I'm your host and the founder of Ecstatic Rabbit Tarot and Coaching, Sarah Corbyn Woolf.

We are here at the first of two full moons in Aquarius this coming season. We have a little double the action situation with a new moon in Leo in a couple of weeks sandwiched between these two full moons in Aquarius. What I love about this is that Leo and Aquarius, I think of both as such radically individualistic signs. Leo has that I think desire to be seen and affirmed in their glory and magnificence. And Aquarius is a little... How do I put it? They don't need affirmation in the form of adoration. I think that there's something of like affirmation coming through, like, double takes and and sort of confused looks, which is still affirming an individuality, right? And an identity. It's just not quite that celebrity energy that Leo can sometimes garner, crave, run into, whatever it might be.

This is also going to be super combustive because we're working with a fire energy as well as an air energy, right? So there's a lot of potential and maybe not a ton of, like, rooting down, maybe not a ton of sort of slowing into the flow of the whatever. Like, we've got a very top heavy energy in terms of at least the way that I connect the elements to the body. But as always, we've just emerged from a very different energy. And that's part of the fun for me of astrology is like it gives me the opportunity to re-examine how I'm doing things every month.

So we just give out of Cancer season, which like if you survived, congrats. And that's squishy and protected and very slow, wet energy. And here we are now in this like hot, dry energy. So if you feel scattered, if you feel like you're, like, oversaturated, like your eye is kind of catching everything, like you're really running hot, you're not alone. And if it feels like a really big change, that's because it is. So with some of that in mind, off you go to the ad break and we'll come back to see what kind of guidance we can get through this hot, breezy moment in time. [Ad Break]

[Shuffling Sounds] Oh, the nine of wands, oh, yes. Oh, yes, please. All right. I love the 9s. I love to say that they come just before 10 and that the wisdom of that is just about as simple as it sounds. That they're this moment before, right? They're the moment before a culmination of a cycle. Not necessarily an ending, but maybe. And in that moment before comes this opportunity to sort of-- to take stock. You know, to breathe in all that you see around you before breathing out into the transitional moment, that is an ending.

And when we come to ones, I think that it's a really balanced moment, because it is this sort of moment of pause while surrounded by that one's energy of ambition and creativity and drive. In the Rider-Waite-Smith, I always see someone who survived, who made it through not unscathed but standing and who is still ready to go on, but just knows that they need a minute before they do. I always love when we get a card that balances an energy not by countering it, but by integrating it. And everything I was saying before about that running hot, that combustion, that hot air thing going on with Aquarius and Leo, I think that this is such a wonderful card for that, because it's not saying balance out with water and earth. It's not saying tip the scales the other way. It's not saying swing the other direction. It's saying learn how to harness that.

Learn how to rest in that. Find your way to say, OK, I am still in my creativity, I am still in my ambition, but I'm also going to figure out how to take a breather. I don't need to swing all the way over to the other side. I don't need to switch out building my website for gardening. I can keep working on my website. But I also need to take a break to drink some water and to maybe read a book and maybe to just do something else for my business. You know, like maybe it's reorganizing your filing cabinet so that you can step away from the computer or something like that. The metaphor is falling apart. But, you know, I love that. Currently debating whether or not I'm going to leave that in, but I think I am.

So how do we really activate this energy? Look for where you can take little breaks is what's coming through. Like, no need to make massive pattern shifts or shift up your rhythm or like change your whole system. This is just about pausing within what's already there, within the structure and the rhythm and the pacing that's already there. Integrate a pause. Something that my therapist has been talking to me about a lot is maintenance, because when things get uncomfortable, I often try to like, completely reconfigure and go, OK, well, like, what's the entire new way that I can do things that will make me feel better?

And she has suggested that the energy I'm spending on that like thought process might be better spent just plugging along with what I've already got in place, which is as good a time as any to warn you that I might be shifting up the structures of the podcast. But, Emily, if you're listening, we'll talk next week about whether or not that counts as maintenance or if that is actually falling into the trap of thinking that if I'm tired, I need to change a bunch of stuff up rather than resting. That's what it is. Just because you're tired doesn't mean that you need to change the way you're doing things.

Someone recently, I came to them and I said, yeah, you know, I think I'm really overexerting myself, so I need to, like, rest. And they were like, what if you're just exerting yourself? Like, what have you actually haven't gone overboard? What if you're just in the natural cycle of exertion and rest? And that blew my mind because like here I am preaching all the time about how balance exists and motion. And it's always sort of like a flow between the two. And I still then found a way to put this binary on it of like I have either-- I'm either not tired or I have overdone it, instead of remembering that there's like space in the middle of like I can just be tired and it's like good, solid, normal, tired. I didn't do anything wrong.

Whew. All right. I'm going to leave that there. Thank you for joining as always. s we reach a new month, I hope to have another interview episode out for you at some point during August. But for now, enjoy this last week of July. And I'll see you next time. Until then.


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