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Tarot Forecast: Spring Equinox 2024

Aries: 3:37

Taurus: 6:52

Gemini: 10:11

tarot forecast winter solstice four of swords strength five of pentacles

Hello and welcome to the Ecstatic Rabbit Podcast, a space for esoteric exploration, heartfelt insight, and expansive curiosity. I'm your host and the founder of Ecstatic Rabbit Tarot, Sarah Corbyn Woolf.

Welcome back y'all. We're here in March. Damn. What a time to be alive. I am running around like a bit of a headless chicken. And what a gift it is to sit down and pull some cards together here today. As a reminder, this is a new rhythm as of this year as I continue to search for a more sustainable approach to this podcast, to keep it going and consistent, but also not burdensome, and fun, and a relief. So what we're going to do here today is pull one card for each of the upcoming astrological seasons over the next quarter of the astrological wheel. So for us today, that means Aries season, Taurus season, and Gemini season.

Hot damn, what a potent time. Spring is historically a challenge for me, and that started to shift in the last couple of years, but for a very, very long time, it's always felt like the-- I already struggle with a sense of urgency; perhaps not necessarily misplaced, but overblown urgency. And I think springtime only serves to bolster that, that things are blooming and popping. And there's this carpe diem beating down the door. I feel guilty when I don't get outside and bask in the sun as much as humanly possible, when frankly, that's not always what I want to be doing, and I'm spending a lot of this summer outside anyway, thank you very much. I also have a history with people with their birthdays in April, so that's its own bag of spicy worm cans.

Pisces to Aries is always a little weird to me because Pisces I think of as sort of the frothy water sign, like it's this-- it's on the surface, it's running up onto the beach and then running back again and then running back up again. It's got this mobility to it in a way that I think Cancer and Scorpio are a little further into the depths, right? Mid water and deep water, maybe. So to go from Pisces, that's flitting around and looking for a place for emotional foothold and then to have this fireball of Aries crash in after it, I can hear the sizzle, right? I can hear the sizzle of the droplets of Pisces season sort of fizzing out in the fire of Aries season.

And these shifts are always welcome, right? I always say that if astrology is good, for one thing, it's simply as a reminder that we can sort of shift things up every couple of weeks, right? That we can take a different perspective should we feel the need or desire to do so. So let's hop on in and see what the cards hold as a little bit of guidance, a little bit of insight as we move through these next three seasons.

Oh, okay. Uh, Aries season. The Moon immediately popped out of the deck, which is very on brand for Aries energy in terms of its popping out, but less so in terms of the card itself. This is-- yeah, this is kind of odd. The Moon is a card about-- certainly about surrender. The word diligence is also coming to mind. Something about that continual-- it's like the radical acceptance thing, right? It's that ongoing reminder, note to self that we're moving, we're doing, we're flowing, we're growing. Even if it feels weird, even if it feels a little sticky and icky at times, even if we feel stuck to remember everything cyclical, it's cyclical, it's cyclical. Even, and especially when we can't see the cycle from the outside, which is rare, right? Those moments when we can see the cycle, we can sort of zoom out and go like, ah, oh, I see, I see how this is working.

Full disclosure I'm having some insecurities that this is a card popping up more for me than for the collective, but it's what we're working with, so I'm just going to run with it. On a personal level, I'll share that in the last month or so I've been doing a great deal of refocusing onto lunar energy, onto exactly that cyclicality, onto finding my own personal balance between the big perspective, "Nothing matters, everything's fine," and the minutia of perfectionism, essentially. And so with this card popping up, especially during a season that I historically struggle with, I feel a little called out.

But I think what I'm feeling here is this juxtaposition between Aries season being this, "What you see is what you get, there may not even be anything behind it," and the Moon being, "What you see is what you get, you will never fully comprehend what is behind it." A little bit like the Wheel of Fortune in that way, but less sassy and more caring. And so something about those two, both Aries season and the Moon card, I think, are pointing to this sense of, "Great, I'm just going to get on the ride and go with the flow." I also, considering the context of Aries season, am really drawn to the two canine friends that we seem to have in the card in the Rider Waite Smith illustration, which I always see as a reminder that we have options for how we respond to stuff. You know, we can howl, we can sit, we can bark, we can stand, we can wag our tail, we can hunker down. But we're still on the ride, right? We're still on the boat. Yeah, yeah, I'm just gonna. I'm gonna go ahead and leave that there.

Y'all, these cards won't quit. I was listening back to the last episode from, I guess, December, and the cards were so intense, like it was kind of brutal. I think it was the Four of Swords, the Star, and-- no, sorry, not the Star, Strength. And then the Five of Pentacles. And so far, here we have the Moon, and now our next card for Taurus season is the Ten of Swords, which is such a melodramatic, violent card. I love Taurus season. It's such a relief to me. It still lives in that springtime moment; I remember always, you know, graduations often are happening in Taurus season or the very beginning of Gemini season, you know, the ends of school years and things like that, at least in my, my academic rhythm.

The Ten of Swords in Taurus season-- I have to say that the first thing that popped to mind, and I almost just want to leave it at this, is just take a damn nap. The Ten of Swords is about a short circuiting, right? It's when the-- it's the spinning wheel of death on a MacBook. It's just needing to-- and I know I said this about the Four of Swords, they have a lot in common, although it's very different contexts-- it is a little bit of that like, great. I just need to pull the plug on my on my machine. I just need to hold the power button down so that the-- you know, the computer, like, uh, what's the word? You know, just-- just powers down automatically without actually going through, like, file, shutdown, whatever.

Taurus season is already a time inviting us into restoration and nourishment and yummy, pleasurable fulfillment. And I would say that this card is-- couldn't be further from yummy, pleasurable fulfillment. And so in a way, I think it might be saying like, "Listen, even if it takes getting clobbered on the battlefield of your brain, yeah, take a damn nap." Like, lie down. At least in the Ten of Swords, you're lying down. You know, you've got a cute little blanket that kind of looks like blood, but it isn't right. This recording day has some wild energy. But yeah, I-- you know, I am just gonna-- yeah, it's-- take a nap. Like, if you find yourself knocked down, just go to sleep there.

Coming back to the idea of the end of the school year, oftentimes I would spend the first week of a vacation, or on a shorter vacation, the first couple days, just crashed, maybe feeling a little sick because I was just so run down. And finally my body had space to go through the arduousness of that icky feeling. So yeah, if you get knocked down, just take a nap there. Grab a blanket, have a snooze.

Okay, Gemini season is a little a friendlier of a card than we've gotten so far. Not that the Moon and the Ten of Swords aren't-- okay, the Ten of Swords is not friendly. The Moon has a familiarity to it, right? It's not rude. But our card for Gemini season is the Ten of Pentacles. What a relief. The first word that always comes to mind for me with this card is a sense of generationality. And I want to be abundantly clear that when I say that, I don't just mean by blood, by birth, by even upbringing. I mean by choice, I mean by education, I mean by community, acknowledging my own privilege as someone with a very robust familial scaffolding.

What I glean from that is a sense of continuity. It's really interesting to circle back to the idea of the cyclicality of the Moon, the snooze button of the Ten of Swords, you get up from our our nap that we took where we were felled on the battlefield and see, "Oh, I'm part of a story. I have elders and I am an elder. I have a place in the conversation of my community or my family as a conduit from what's come before to what will come next." There's also an abundance to this card, just inherently, right? Pentacles are about that nourishment, that fullness coming out of Taurus season, which I love. I love that we have an Earth card to sort of transition us from an Earth season with an Air card, Taurus and Swords, to an Air season with an Earth card, with Gemini and Pentacles. So there's a softness, I think, to the transition, a reminder of abundance. It may not be that soft. It's inviting. That's what I mean. It's inviting. There's a warmth to it, but it's still a ten. And that can sometimes really fall on our head like a ton of bricks, even if it's good bricks that we wanted to fall on our head, right? It's that thing where abundance can sometimes be overwhelming. But this is one that is scaffolded. It's Earth, right? Pentacles. Earth. Structure. It's physical. It's a sense of place. It's stability, groundedness, all that good stuff.

So if we track this through from a sense of surrender to the flow, to pulling up a blanket wherever we fell down, and then rising up to see our place in the larger journey, I think this-- I mean, it's going to be a potent spring, it would seem, but-- and one of extremes. I think that that's something-- it's almost like the Moon is getting us ready for this white river rapid sort of journey from Ten to Ten, bouncing around, but reminding us that we have that vessel of ourselves to take us on the waterway.

Thank you for joining me here today. I'm really happy with this structure and happy to be offering a little bit of a zoomed out brush through the next couple of months. Housekeeping details: not a ton happening over here at Ecstatic Rabbit Headquarters, except that Tarot Thursdays are going to start back up again soon. So if you're in the northeast or specifically in Western Massachusetts, Iconica is going to be coming back from their winter break very soon. And I believe our first Tarot Thursday back will be April 4th. It's bound to be a good time, so I hope to see you there. As always, check up on Instagram Stories in particular to see what's going on. And if you ever have any questions or want to book a reading, hit me up via email. The booking platform is a little funky because my schedule is also, as ever, a little funky. So if you don't see anything available to book, please write to me. I would love to hear from you.

Okay. That's it for me. Until next time. See you then.


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