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Full Moon in Leo

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Episode Transcript:

Hello and welcome to the Ecstatic Rabbit Podcast. A space for esoteric exploration, heartfelt insight and expansive curiosity. I'm your host and the founder of Ecstatic Rabbit Tarot. Sarah Corbyn Woolf.

We are here today for the full moon in Leo. Where to begin? Certainly these are energies that complement each other, right? A full moon is big and blazing and lights up what it falls on. And Leo is a lover of attention for the best and worst ways. Right. I know that Leo has that reputation of being showy and flashy and sometimes even selfish. But I mean, really, who among us, right? I think that, more importantly, the power of Leo is one of radiance and visibility and bold forward momentum of the self.

To be totally frank with you, it's been a rough week or two for me. Beautiful, wonderful and tricky. So today I'm feeling very low energy. And when I sat down to record the podcast as I anticipate the very high octane energy of this full moon, knowing that full moons are always a little less comfortable for me, knowing that fire signs tend to be a big challenge for me. I went to pick out a deck to use and one. Big idea or big invitation jumped out at me. So today is going to be a pretty short quick episode because I'm going to turn to the Mesquite Tarot deck, which has one of the most beautiful accompanying interpretation booklets that I've ever encountered with an independently designed deck. Each card interpretation is a poem. And it just smacked me in the face. To use this deck, pull a card and read the poem, and if thoughts come up, I'll share them, of course, But I might also just leave it at that. So we'll see after the ad break.


Now, before we get into this, before you fall in love with this deck, I want to let everyone know that this deck is out of print. So you may be able to find it used in various places. I hope that eventually it comes back into print, but I don't know if that's in the cards, so to speak, for the the maker and the publisher. But again, this is the Mesquite tarot. If you are a deck collector, keep an eye out. So let's see who wants to come play with us today. Boom, flew out the four of Pentacles right off the bat. Before I get into the interpretation from the book, I just want to say that this feels so such a lovely balance to our full moon and Leo, because this to me is all about preserving our resources and knowing what to hold as hours and when to sort of relinquish our death grip on what we may not need. So here is the poem.

Four of Pentacles themes are protectiveness, greed, preservation.

"Where is the line between collector and hoarder? Between smart and stingy? There's stability and the perfect fold of Four Corners and the act of stacking, arranging, lining up the edges. There's comfort in having everything in order and enough in your bank account to care for what you've built as necessary. But to hold it all down means your feet stay put. Do you worry that what you have might be lost? That there's not enough to share? Consider your relationship with generosity, with scarcity, with the flow of what you're drawing in and what you're putting out. What do you fear losing? Is it holding you still?"

The other themes that we have at the bottom here are withholding stewardship and overproduction. That offers a sort of spectrum of aligned and less aligned interpretations of the card. This I'm not going to say much, but I just want to say that this resonates with me on such a deep level. I am in a very intense moment of considering all my resources, my time, my money, my energy. I know I'm not alone in that, but I don't know if that resonates with you. So if it does, I hope that this card offers a moment of reflection during this hot, bright moon to find a little bit of stillness. Let the light shine down on what you can see in front of you. To help you do a little, maybe a little assessment, maybe a little neutral bookkeeping, you know, a little bit of what do I see in front of me? What have I got? What do I not have? What do I wish I had? What could I let go of? No need to take action yet. Right. Just the noticing. For now, as we're in this four of Pentacles moment.

So as always, I hope that that brought something useful. If not, leave it behind. And I will see you at our next new moon. Until then.

Transcribed with AI; apologies for any inaccuracies.


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