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Full Moon in Cancer

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Episode Transcript:

Hello and welcome to the Ecstatic Rabbit Podcast. A space for esoteric exploration, heartfelt insight and expansive curiosity. I'm your host and the founder of Ecstatic Rabbit Tarot. Sarah Corbin Wolf.

And welcome back to our 2023 reboot of the very place that this podcast started, which is a lunar card poll. I took about a year off, I think a year and a month almost to the day. And it's been quite, quite a wild ride. If you know, you know, and. The only thing that has been on this podcast in the interim has been these sort of interspersed random little off the top of my head episodes, as well as a little bit of marketing for some of my classes. I think those are going to stay on the feed for now. But we're back. We're back at it.

The plan for 2023 as it stands right now is to have our our OG full and new moon card pulls. So that looks like is I'm going to chat with you a little bit about the lunar moment full versus new. What's the astrological sign? Always a disclaimer that I am not an astrologer, but it is very adjacent to my work and I am certainly a hobbyist, so I share what little I do know. And then we pull a tarot card for this moment. I try to keep these episodes below 15 minutes, even below 10 minutes, so it can really be just a little splash of guidance, insight, thoughtfulness in your fortnightly lunar cycle.

Now, in 2022, I moved back to western Massachusetts full time, which has meant that I've been able to start really building a beautiful in-person community for Ecstatic Zapatero. So we've got a lot of new friends. I hope some of y'all are listening in. If so, welcome. A little bit about me. If you don't feel like you have the full picture. I started this business five years ago and it started out as me just doing readings for people and since has expanded into educational offerings, workshops, classes. I have curriculum for every card in the deck as well as advanced interpretation and tarot foundations, teaching the basics, the history, how to just get started and trust your hands. Also, I love offering workshops on really random topics throughout tarot. So for example, the Sunday I'm teaching one at Iconic Social Club in Northampton on Infinity signs and where they pop up throughout the tarot because it's a little bit weird and a little bit hard to track that pattern.

Alongside my work as a tarot reader and teacher, I am also a theater maker. I am working towards certification as a mental health coordinator for theater spaces. I am an architectural color consultant. I have a day job as a transcriber. I am a gig economy, patchwork of passions, careers and survival jobs. And I incorporate all of that into my work as a tarot reader. I often joke that I read Tarot a lot, like I work with Shakespeare and vice versa. So you can expect a lot of digging into symbolism. A lot of working with archetypes, mythology, narratives. I try to keep my language as nonspecific as possible spiritually so that there's space for you to bring your relationship with this wild world we live in to the table, even in these podcasts, and certainly especially if you are a client or a student of my readings or classes. So I'm going to send you off for a little ad break and then we will come back to hear a little little bit about our full moon and cancer. Again, not an astrologer, but I'll throw a couple of thematic thoughts your way and then pull a card for this week.


Last time I had this podcast going regularly for lunar card polls, I really did get into the astrology. I think I pushed myself and I learned a lot from it. I'm going to pull it back for my own sustainability. I'm going to pull back on that a bit and just throw some themes at you around what the. So for this episode, what the full moon and cancer means to me, some of what it means collectively without getting into the super super details, right. There's a million other podcasts for that. It's not my expertise. So you can expect a little bit less lunar info, astrological info, which hopefully will make more space for me to really dig into some of the tarot stuff. So all that said, Full Moon and cancer. What are we working with? What comes to mind? For me, with a full moon always is going to be that really visible, vibrant, loud manifestation, something coming to fruition, an expansiveness, an overwhelm. I always get more uncomfortable at full moons than new moons. I blame my Scorpio stellium. Cancer is deeply emotional and deeply protective. So it's kind of this almost ironic twist right now of this full moon being big and glowing and visible and then cancer really wanting to like lock down crab up, right. Put a shell over those emotions so that nobody can touch us. So with that sort of blend on the table, let's shuffle and pull a card. I am working with the apparition deck today because I really, really enjoy the intuitive challenge that it presents. So let's see what we get.

It's the lovers. That's really. Oh, that's lovely. I mean, first off, such a sweet card to get for a full moon, because it does have so much to do about seeing your own light, seeing the light and others. And by light I mean like the glow. I mean like the sparkle. I mean the magic, the beauty, the power, the potential. The lovers card certainly carries so much mythology around partnership with those outside of ourselves. And it's not that it doesn't connect to that theme, but I really think that at the foundation of this card is self encounter. That's a term I use a lot when I talk about the twos in the minor arcana and certainly the lovers, and then in a bit there their counterpart, the devil card. Sometimes that will come up as well because it's really about taking a look at yourself, like really looking head on in the mirror. And there's a willingness, permission, boldness, the courage to see ourselves, the courage to grasp our own hand, to be our own partner, to be our own cheerleader, to honor both our needs, our desires, our joys, our pleasures, our comforts, our fears. To acknowledge them, to honor them, to listen to them the way that we might want an external partner to do so as well.

And I'm a big believer that the best way to grow as a partner to those outside ourselves, be it a romantic partner, maybe a parent, a child our friends, even work colleagues, is to grow as a partner to ourselves, right? It's not that we need to figure out our stuff and love ourselves before we're able to love anyone else. I don't think it's that cut and dry. I do believe that community is a huge part of self love and self care, but I think that it is very, very useful to get to know ourselves, to learn what we can and can't fulfill on our end, what we what we like, what we don't like from our side of things before or as or in conjunction with meeting someone else in the middle of that bridge. So I think that the invitation from this card, if I'm going to sort of try to sum it up into a takeaway, I mean, look, honestly, the first thought that I'm getting is like mirror gazing. Like, let yourself spend some time seeing yourself in the mirror, not necessarily in a vanity esthetic way, although I am a huge advocate of what I like to call radical vanity, a vanity that is not scarce, a vanity that does not preclude generosity with others. But just just in a just in a seeing yourself way, just in a oh, who's over there? Kind of a way, you know.

In a way. I mean, this feels very lovely for the start of this podcast again because. This project, right, is one way by which I perceive myself right. I have to listen to my own voice. I have to trust my own thoughts and put them out into the universe. So if that's an example, it's like, where are the steps that you can take this week or during this full moon to really? Take your own hand and listen to your own stories. Look in the mirror and see your own soul through those eyes, through those windows in. Romance yourself. You know, woo yourself, comfort yourself. See where that can live for you right now.

And as always, if that doesn't feel accessible or available, great. Let it go. This is what I'll close with, is that I pull this card with the collective in mind, but I am not so presumptuous to think that I have wisdom that is consistently useful to every one of you listening. Right? Always, always, always. Take what works and leave the rest and look after yourselves. And if staring at yourself in a mirror is not a good move right now, guess what? By recognizing that. By honoring that. By acknowledging that, by not taking my suggestion, you are actually in turn fulfilling the invitation of the lovers card by tending to yourself, tending to those needs, caring for yourself. The way that we might want a partner to do for us.

That's what I got for you today. I hope some of it lands. I hope some of it's helpful. I hope that you are moving through this winter season with with some ease, some smoothness and some rest. Again, welcome back to all of us. Welcome. Welcome to those who are new listeners. We'll be back at the end of the month for our next new moon. Until then.

Transcribed with AI; apologies for any inaccuracies.

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