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I couldn't find it, so I made it.

Every time I’ve sat down with a new tarot book, there’s been something missing. Some dig deep into the history, but leave out cultural context. Most prioritize card interpretations, but leave out the history. I have yet to find a tarot resource, class or book, that provides a broad framework of both history and how-to in a single introduction to tarot.

So I made one.

Tarot 101: Finding the Fool is a series of mini lectures addressing two branches of tarot basics: practice and context. Practice supplies you with logistical tools, from the basics of shuffling techniques to the complexities of when to turn to tarot for guidance and support. Context covers the history of the deck, and also addresses the role of tarot’s modern popularity in the erasure of Roma people and culture, breaking down harmful and inaccurate mythology around the tarot’s origins.

I’m the kind of person who likes to have a sense of the landscape before I get on the road. Finding the Fool provides that bird’s eye view, whether you’re looking to grow your relationship with tarot or stepping into it for the first time. The lessons and tools offered in each video will strengthen your relationship with the deck, bring breadth to your practice, and bolster any future tarot education, whether in a class or simply picking up a new book.

This course launches on July 9. Stay tuned for more details in upcoming emails.

If you already know you want in, sign up for a launch day notification.

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