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Surviving the "Cruelest" Month

Grape hyacinths are stuck in my head like an earworm. I see chartreuse buds from all my windows. A rabbit hopped across the parking lot this morning. And finally, the excitation of Aries has given way to the ease of Taurus, and I can breathe it all in again. April is a challenging month for me in a number of ways, contextual, personal, historical. I'm a scorp/sag/cap everything; springtime throws me for a loop. But here we are reaching the end of this "cruelest" month. Congratulations to you, to me, to us all. Pictured here is my newest deck: The Gentle Tarot. It is a tender, nature-based deck with some delightful adjustments to the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith structure -- renaming the courts, the suits, and adding an extra Major Arcana card. I love when deck creators do this -- it reminds me that this practice is for us. This showed up in my mailbox at the most perfect moment in my life, right when I need some language-free love from the birds and the flowers. This is the pocket size, and even the tin it comes in is deeply satisfying and soothing to my nervous system. Go check it out!

from New Moon Newsletter No. 15


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