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Readers' Workshop:

Coming 2022

What comes next after a card-a-day tarot practice?

Do reversals flip you right over with them?

Are you building a relationship with individual cards, but can’t quite grasp their relationships to each other?

Or do your tarot readings just need a little… spice?

The Ecstatic Rabbit Readers’ Workshop offers a chance to level up your tarot practice.


Whether you’ve been working on your own, with a book or a website, or taken classes with me or another teacher, in this course, we ask not what each card means, but what they mean together.


This workshop gives you the chance to move through a tarot reading, with a few helpers peeking over your shoulder. Each participant is invited to share a query, spread, and interpretation. Then we work together as a group to continue peeling back the layers of meaning available in this unique collection of cards.


The course is structured to give you at least one opportunity to workshop your tarot reading; however, participants are not required to do so. You will certainly learn as much from observing others’ workshopped readings as from workshopping your own.

The Details

Four weekly 90-minute sessions

$175; sliding scale available.

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