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Trust and Transparency

“Trust your gut. Trust your hands. Have fun.”

This message is at the heart of Finding the Fool.

So how do we trust ourselves?

Maybe through practice. Maybe through prayer. Maybe through trying and failing, again and again.

One key to trust is transparency.

Tarot is a deeply personal practice. It often asks us to be brutally honest with ourselves, and in turn with those around us, our local and global community. Finding the Fool not only hands you the how-to of tarot reading, but also brings some transparency to the who and the why in a way that is unique to other introductory resources I’ve encountered.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you, too, want to break the cycles of patriarchy, capitalism, white supremacy, and the wide web of oppression that underpins and overlays our world. I sought out the historical context of tarot in hopes of doing just that. Too often, the connection between tarot and oppression is obscured.

About that transparency: I’m nervous as hell to send this email, to put this material into the world. I am young in my understanding of my role as a white tarot reader and teacher. But as soon as I started doing this research, I knew that as an educator it was my responsibility to bring what I was learning, information that I rarely encounter and struggled to seek out, to you: my community.

It is my intention that this course will evolve over time, alongside my own practice, understanding, and self-awareness. Meanwhile, the Ecstatic Rabbit Forum provides a tool of communication that can bolster our community and help us all expand our awareness of and attention to decolonizing tarot, race and tarot, queerness and tarot, gender and tarot, and more conversations that will help us practice responsibly, respectfully, and radically.

The more we know about the craft we practice, the stronger our discernment; the better we can communicate with our peers, elders, and lineage; the more we can trust our gut to guide us and our hands to grasp the tools available to us.

This course launches in three days, on July 9.

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