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Newsletter Musings No. 6

As I begin to add more content to newsletters, it'll be archived and available here on the blog, separately from the podcast/tarot-specific content. We love a good system.

I've been thinking... I gain deep satisfaction from a smooth-running, elegantly dovetailed schedule. So what happens when I trade out optimization for ease? Whether you buy into astrology or not, it’s hard to deny the pivotal potential of one’s late 20s. Saturn Return is typically considered the “get your shit together” hurdle. But as someone whose shit has been pretty much together thus far, I’ve dug into all that shit to learn this is a time for restructuring: of lifestyle, strategies, and priorities. I get to restructure. I have to restructure. Call it realigning. Call it recalibrating. Whatever. A recent visit to NYC was a huge challenge, with all my old default rhythms floating back on the stench of a city July. But when I leave behind optimization for optimization’s sake, it makes space for slow breakfasts, long walks, new sights, real talk, sunburns, and room to breathe. If this sounds familiar, thanks for following me on Instagram!


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