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Newsletter Musings No. 5

As I begin to add more content to newsletters, it'll be archived and available here on the blog, separately from the podcast/tarot-specific content. We love a good system.

☆ And now for something slightly different... ☆

Every time a practitioner newsletter lands in my inbox, I get a little thrill: about 70% eagerness to read what they have to say, and 30% that blend of nostalgia and feeling-special-ness that snail mail used to bring — which maybe means snail mail’s nostalgia quotient has doubled. I hope that with a little practice, and your patience, my experimentation in prioritizing emails over Instagram posts will hit those marks for you, too. “When you feel most stagnant is when the most is happening.” This message bubbled up frequently last summer, with reading after reading, coaching after coaching of folks feeling the epic slowdown of lockdown in awkward simultaneity with the heating up and boiling blood of a northern hemisphere summer. I could really use a taste of that, my own medicine, right about now. My blood is boiling and my legs feel like lead. And I know, I know how many of you I’ve told the same thing: you may feel stagnant but you have got to trust that a lot is happening, that the wheels are turning and the gears are clicking in: that the Wheel of Fortune is on the move and it’s not your job to get involved right now. Ride and trust. The extra step I think I’ve got to take is not only ride and trust, but also get out of my own way: I am not my own practitioner. Just because I know this sensation of sitting water proooobably means a churning, thriving, evolving ecosystem below its surface does not mean it’s my prerogative to get on my snorkel gear and check it out. No, no. I gotta let it do its thing. This moon’s card is all about trusting exactly where I am in my journey, not only because that's what the page does, but because cups splash around in that universal mystery. Cups demand a kind of trust that some might even call faith. I hope you are staying cool. I hope you are staying in flow, and trusting the rhythms of your body and heart to dance with those of your intuition and intellect. I hope you are filled with joyous hope, even if it is uncomfortable sometimes. Eat a berry, drink some water, and remember that sweat is a bodily miracle.


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