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New Moon in Gemini

This new moon, our collective card is the

Queen of Cups

Right now we've got a solar eclipse in Gemini, smack in the middle of a Mercury retrograde, also in Gemini, and a whole lot of other messy dualism in the skies. Am I the only one who feels like

an overheated laptop right now? What happens if I release the impulse and effort to compute my feelings? To prove the reason behind my emotions?

Can we move past judgment without

leaning on explanation?

The Queen of Cups knows how to dive deep and then ascend the surface, shimmering with water rinsing down their body. Let yourself be quenched by emotions and intuition. And remember, our last card pull was the Ace of Cups: evolution is happening, even if at its own dreamy pace.

If you want more eclipse guidance, be sure to check out my the most recent meditation episode, which is pulled from a Moon Zoom during the lunar eclipse, but is 100% applicable to our upcoming solar eclipse.

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